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Daft Punk Led Answered

Ok so i've just thought about this, the new tron movie will feature the new daft punk helmet which actually seem easier. And that would be the newer thing that would be on mind in my opinion.

So the Daft Punk helmet i wish to make is the one on the left. They help i am asking for is the required LED information.

Guy-Manuel helmet with the 6x24 bright white LEDs. Thats all im looking for to do now ,
the Thomas one of the left im going to help my friend do, but i would like to be able to figure the Guy-Manuel one first .I just need to know where to look to figure out where to start on the LED electrical lightning part.

So any assistance is need at this point. I would like to hear all opinions.


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9 years ago

I think what im looking for is the way to do the LED in the solid light shown in the image. Also the color of the LEDs and way it is formed to the visor.


Reply 9 years ago

just watched the video and unlike most of their helmets, the lights are just solid. they don't blink, or chase, or anything fun (which is totally not the daft punk way to do it).

they look like normal bright white LEDs...so you could basically use any bright white LEDs on the market, and wire them all to the same power source (either in series or parallell should work. one way will give you more brightness and one will give you longer battery life). you can use any of the online LED calculators to figure out what type of power source and what time of resistors to use.

as for getting them into the visor, form whatever your'e going to use for the visor (polycarbonate, cheap plastic, anything really) into the right shape (or buy a visor that's the right shape) then you just drill 288 tiny holes (one for each leg of each LED) then insert the LED legs through the holes and solder everything up (without melting the visor)