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Dawn Answered

This poem is from my book Melodious Verse. It is a Carmen Figuratum of a sunrise on a fall morning I wrote while sitting on the shore of Lake Ontario 37 years ago. I did not have a camera with me so I did not capture an image of the dawn to go with the poem.

I have photographed the dawn a thousand times and never captured just the right image of the dawn to accompany the poem.

Carmen Figuratum a poem that has a certain shapes or pattern formed either by all the words it contains or just by certain ones therein. An example is the shape of each stanza resembles a wine cup.

                                                            New Day

                                    I sit watching god’s creatures of the night,
                                     fleeing from the ever-approaching dawn.
                               A bright orange and red haze caresses the horizon.

                                                    Beyond this is the sun.
                            Slowly ever so slowly rising above the edge of the earth:
                                          to explode into an orange ball of fire.
                             Sending a red-river of shimmering light across the water,
                                                          now it is dawn.

                          I can hear the cries of a seagull as it gracefully glides by me.
                                              In the water ducks swim around,
                                                as the sun lights up the world.

                                                      It becomes morning,
                                                       it is dawn no more,
                                                          but a new day.

                                                   Josehf Lloyd Murchison

                                            Copyright ©2007 Josehf Murchison


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