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Dead Fred Zombie Chaser ? Answered

Hello Everyone,
Where have you been all my life! What a great website!
Anyway this is my first post and I was wondering  if you guys have any ideas on how to make one these.


I know I'll need some sort of remote controlled car, but how can I get the arms to move that way ?
Also glowing eyes and creepy sounds would be a plus!
Many thanks for your advise.


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10 years ago

Sounds like you already have a good Idea of what is needed!
I would hook something to the wheels of the car to make the arms move kind of like a piston.
For the eyes I would just buy some battery powered lights and put them inside.
For sound I would use a mp3 player and some speakers hidden inside the chassis and find some creep sounds on the internet.


Answer 10 years ago

Thanks for your comment. I'm picking up a RC car from my friend this weekend.
I'll put updates on the site.
Thanks again!