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Dear Newsletter editor. Answered

This is an open letter.. made with a new id which i will never use again.. i promise you that my sole intention is for instructible to be better.

Lately it's been very difficult for me to follow the one rule "be nice policy"... I'm still trying very hard...
It's been made very hard by the newsletter editor, or whoever's job it is to choose which instructible to feature.. 
It's like you just choose randomly (or is this the case???), some times it's such a ridiculous ible that i can't hold my self much longer..

I want to be nasty in the comments of the ible.. But it's not the ible's writer's fault.. 
S/he's just making and sharing what s/he wants and i wouldn't even open the ible if it wasn't featured!!!
To me, featuring means that you think it's a really nice piece and everyone should have a look at it.. it's brilliant! it's new!! it's unique!
A little screening should be done prior to featuring.. Featuring doesn't mean "hey guys.. look at these random pages and see what you think.. or whatever..."

Some of the ible's that was featured lately  that i dont think that everybody should see:
"is my sweater blue?"  i admit it's a funny one.. well written.. yet it's pointless!  anticlimactic! i was expecting so much more only because it was featured. If i stumbled on it on my own, i wouldn't have put so much expectation and wont be too disappointed.. might even enjoy the joke..  it was 1st of march!!! Not april fools!!!!!
"router hack"  more like router 101..  or how to use your router.. look at all the breach in the be-nice-policy comments... I wont even comment there.. 
A few was a re-post of older ible, some even a only re-make (i dont want to say plagiarism), and few more i care to remember...
Were they innovative? were they interesting? were they everyone-must-see material? subjectively i say NO, NO, and NO. But if i look at the other commenting on them, mostly breaching the be nice policy, i'm not alone!

I'm seriously starting to see instructible newsletter to be more junk lately.. Not like before when i got excited everytime one arrives in my inbox.. now i'm like "meh.. gotta screen to these stuff again because someone didn't do his/her job properly"...

Please do something about this.. I'm worried that instructible would spiral down into the abyss, becoming flamming troll land due to the domino effect from negative comments making others feeling negative and spreading like a virus.. If it happens, there's only one to blame: unscreened newsletter featuring undeserving ibles.

So i say again: please.. please.. please..


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5 years ago

Projects are selected for for the newsletter, in large part, on their popularity. The blue sweater project was riding the crest of the #ThatDress meme; it was generating a lot of traffic (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_dress_%28viral_ph...), but the publicity had to happen quickly or miss out on the fun.

Some projects in the newsletter are part of sponsorship schemes.

Other projects (especially those in the linked collections) are deliberately resurrected from the archives to act as inspiration for current contests or seasonal events.

The odd lemon does slip through, and there have been a couple of instances of plagiarised projects being accidentally included, but they are very, very much in the minority.

But, if you really dislike receiving the email, it's a simple matter to scroll to the bottom of the email and hit the unsubscribe link.


5 years ago

There probably are too many newsletters now (3 per week?) and that will inevitably drive the average quality down. Additionally, I think part of the problem is not so much that it is humans making bad decisions but that I suspect they're using algorithms e.g. this particular # of views/comments leads to bumping up to higher levels of featuring. Maybe they do this to avoid their own biases - for example, if you've spent any length of time on this site you will have seen innumerable soda can stoves, wooden rings, quadcopters, cupcake recipes etc - but the site's preoccupation is traffic and these projects are perennially popular, so they give readers what they want to see. I'm not saying it's ideal, but the odd appalling project or timely pop-culture reference probably drive traffic and user engagement, and both of these things are desirable. They might even make the odd maker think "wow, that is rubbish... I could do much better". Short story: relax, move on, go make something awesome yourself!