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Debian in Galileo Gen 2 Board Answered

Dear all,

I am currently developing a project on the University. I have to run a Phyton code in a Galileo Gen 2 board. In order to do that I have been asked to install Debian in such a board. I have no clue on how to do it, and the tutorial that I have found in the website is not detailed enough.

I can see all around the place people talking about  "SD card image for Debian for the Intel Gelileo boards" but I do not understand what do they mean with this image. If any of you have ever done this, could you please get in contact with me? I would REALLY REALLY appreciate it!

Thank you very much in advance,




4 years ago

The image is the set of files of the Debian version of Linux operating system on the SD card which your board boots off of. You download the "image" on a PC and copy it - the image may be in a special file format - to the formatted SD card. You should be able to search for the image files from the manufacturer, vendor or specific forums/user groups out there. Good luck.


Reply 4 years ago

Hi Caitlinsad,

Thank you very much for your information. But what I am actually interested on doing is installing the Debian operating system in the Galileo board, not the image.... Could you help me with that?

Thanks a lot,



Reply 4 years ago

I don't have a Galileo but the operating system is run from the SD card, the hard drive so to speak. The image on the SD card is the system files of the Debian version of Linux. Seems that getting the custom version of Debian to run a Galileo is still touchy/experimental. You don't actually embed Debian in the bootup firmware of the board. Anyway, this post might help, you do have to use some Linux tools on a regular computer to get things up and running.