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Decoding and understanding what your SDR scanner is receiving!? Answered

For some reason, every time I upgrade my antenna I get more signals on my screen that I fail to decode or even understand.
When I started this hobby it was mostly about voice transmissions and trying to get radio stations from overseas.
Now I am starting to wonder what is behind these endless amounts of transmissions that my software fails to decode or recognise.

Some things like TV, pure data or trunked system like the P25 are usually not a problem to identify.
An awful lot though is not recognised at all.
Also found quite a few signals that produce sound that just isn't right.
No matter what type of audio is selected thest I describe these sounds is like weird space sounds with a lot of echo in them.
Like a base tone that goes up and down in frequency and is overlapped by blips and beeps.

I am not good at all with Linux.
You could say Linux and I are like a cat and a dog locked in the same room ;)
So I only used the common programs available for SDR decoding use that work with Windows.
I guess my question would be:
Is there a software out there that can identify the received signal automatically?
You know, if doubt be routing the audio to it and getting something back like "Encrypted P25, LoRa data, DVB-T,....".
And for whatever is not recognised directly at least something to help identifying the signal.
A lot can be done by just researching the frequency allocations.
At least down here they are quite strict and that means if you find some info that a certain frequency is reserved for data transmission on short range you can tick them off.
The ideal thing of course would be something that works automatically as a complete packet.
But I guess that will be a few more years till we get that pleasure :(


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