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Decorating bike with duct tape: weather/friction proofing help? The tape is peeling from the friction of my legs. Answered

I was already thinking of acrylic spray since I live in rainy Portland.  Would acrylic be enough to weather and friction protect it?  Should I cover the whole shebang with clear packing tape then spray acrylic?  Would that make the clear tape opaque?  Other ideas?  Not experienced with paint, adhesives, cover stuff, etc.



7 years ago

Clear acrylic over the paint will help protect it from rust and wear, and you can make the finish a high gloss, satin or flat, depending on the look you prefer. But like anything else up to and including chrome plating it isn't perfect.
Painting acrylic over tape of most any kind will not work. In most cases the solvents in the acrylic will soften and loosen the adhesive on the tape and you'll have a real mess.
I would simply prep the current finish, clean and lightly sand the current paint so the acrylic will stick then apply the desired finish you want, don't try to over complicate it.