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Feedback on Search with the new site design.

I was puzzled when I could not use search to find my instructables.  I thought the site search was broken.  I saw another post in this forum that said you had to click on the little grid to get everything because the default is for featured instructables.  As an author of many instructables, I have to say I really don't like that being the default - it makes it hard for people (especially people new to the site) to find  instructables. I can no longer just tell friends and colleagues to search for the instructable by name or keywords - I either have to explain how to use search or send them a link (which isn't ideal since with search they may find related instructables interesting to them).  The new search filter is way too subtle.  Personally, I think the default should be "everything" or at a minimum you need something a more obvious on the home page search and the other search bars so folks know what they are searching.




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8 years ago

I see you changed this in the new home page. Thanks!