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Define NTSC and PAL Formats? Answered

I would like to know the difference between  NTSC format  and PAL format  DVD players, both being region free.



Best Answer 8 years ago

TECNICALLY NTSC and PAL are a description of the TV output formats of the data.

NTSC is the standard used in the Americas for TV, PAL is the system used in most of the rest of the world.

NTSC was the first system (National Television Standards Committee), but by being first, it also suffered from issues that other systems, coming later, avoided. NTSC is sometimes renamed Never Twice the  Same Colour.....which was one of the issues that later systems replaced, specifically PAL (Phase Alteration Line).

In common use though, NTSC vs PAL for DVDs refers to the number of lines and the frame rate used., so an NTSC recording has 525 lines and 60Hz frame rate, while PAL is 625 lines and 50Hz.