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Definition to qualify for Pie Contest Answered

Hi there,
I unfortunately don't really understand the definition to qualify for the Pie Contest:

"your pie must have a traditional pastry OR no-bake crust to qualify"

So either I bake it, or I don't bake it, but what else could I do to get a pie which wouldn't be allowed to enter?

Greetings, bine


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1 year ago

They can be baked, fried, or set in the fridge. The main thing is they MUST have a crust, and they must be what one would call a pie.

Basically, if you have to justify that it is a pie, it probably isn't and won't get in. I mostly just wanted to hammer home that it has to be a pie and have a crust to qualify. In the past people have tried to bend the rules with other desserts. :)