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Dell 48Wh Battery circuit Answered

Below Pics are my Dell laptop battery circuit board where i circle in yellow mark, since i don't know what is this part, so i am wondering if anyone know what is work of said thing on circuit,
why i want to know this, here is reason,
i open battery to change its old cells with new and i did changed but after finished soldering new cells i find out i loss these two small wires from circuit board that place some where, i search alot on my table but not found, than i put two wires my own & try to check battery but after that battery not working & Dell Laptop showing battery is bad, so i am sure this thing is responsible & what i put two ordinary wires not working as per circuit it should work, so if anyone help me to tell what is this so i buy one new from computer hardware store & replace it, 
Hope will get some help from someone who know what i am asking,



Best Answer 1 year ago

Those two wires had a thermistor attached to watch the recharge / discharge battery heat...


Answer 1 year ago

Thanks iceng.


Answer 1 year ago

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NTC negative temp coefficient, thermistors are the general utility work horse but no idea what resistance range.. If you only charge while in your lap or outside in case of fire.. I would try to start with just placing a resistor in the wire holes..

Try a 470K, 47K, 4.7K see if one works for you..