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Demo (Contractor) Bags Are Sometimes Better than Garbage or Other Bags Answered

Folks use garbage bags for storing and hauling . 
Problem is, garbage bags rip easily and usually are good for one use.
Demo bags are woven from polypropelene and are strong and  can be re-used..
Haul one load, dump it, bring the bag back, 
Refill and repeat.
Or use it for moving. No worries about ripping.
They are not waterproof or completely dustproof.
So one may wish to line it with a plastic bag.


I think I may try to use this as a potato bag for growing potatoes a described in an earlier instructable


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8 years ago

This is not about regular garbage.
It is for other circumstances
By hauling and dumping, I meant taking wallboard or wood debris from a building to a dumpster or something like that.
There are dumping situations where containers can be removed.
I have hauled bags of mulch home and then reused the bags.
Sorry I cannot make a different text for a NYC worldview.


8 years ago

They are not good for getting rid of "evidence". I have never heard of NYC Sanitation returning garbage bags or providing that service. You get fined for not using a black opaque bag for trash if it is not in a trashcan.