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Design help for battery powered LED lighting for display case? Answered

I wonder if people might have suggestions for battery powered lighting for a display case?

The all glass case (except for base and canopy) now has an AC powered four MR16 halogen system. I want to replace that because of the heat, and because I don't want a power cord running from canopy down the glass sides. Ugly.

I'd like to replace those bi-pin halogens with LED lights and power it all with a rechargeable battery.

The canopy over the six foot tall case is 4" deep by 15" wide by 70" long, open at the top. I'd like to conceal the works in that 4" space. I'd want the battery(s) to be easily removeable and reinstallable for external charging. Long life to maximize intervals between charging would be a big plus.

The lights would typically only be used when we have visitors. Maybe for as long as a couple of hours several times a month, but probably typically for much shorter periods.

Ideas? Thank you. --David


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Best Answer 10 years ago

There's three MR16 lighting systems as far as I can remember, 120v ac, 12v ac and 12v dc. Look at the LED MR16 bulbs at Home Depot and select the ones that are 12v dc. On your cabinet, remove the wall plug and substitute a small deep-cycle sealed lead acid battery like like this: http://tinyurl.com/deep12v which is used in battery powered lawnmowers and computer UPS's. Get a battery tender like this: http://www.pacificbattery.com/batteryminder.html which I use to charge and desulfate batteries and which provides a purported 5x increase in their life span. You could also add a cheapo 12v dc to 120v ac inverter for blackouts. Voila, a battery powered cabinet lighting system that will light your way for years to come and a battery tender that will fix all your dying lead acid batteries.