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Designer seeks collaboration with Electronics/Tech Guru for Installation Answered


my names Dan and I am a Designer (and current MA Product design student) interested in submitting an entry to this:

http://www.onedotzero.com/submissions.php (deadline for the show in september is May 29th)

During my MA came up with a concept and design for an interactive installation that I would like to enter into the above event which will be installed at the BFI southbank in London.

Basically, the project will involve the use of Electronics (sensors, microcontrollers, maybe some programming) to trigger light and audio, for an experiential installation.

I need someone who can help me construct the kit list,and help with the 'how to' part of this project, thus enabling us to submit a Budget. If chosen we would then go on to install the project on-site.

A UK/London based collaborator would be preferred for ease of commuting/meeting if this were to happen and our project selected.

Someone from the site who knows their away touch sensors/controllers, LED and other electronics wiring, with perhaps a smideling of programming , who likes getting involved in creative and design based projects should contact me in the first instance to find out more:

Role is not paid, but opportunities would abound!

Heres hoping!




10 years ago

Would it be possible to post images of what you hope to do, or would that spoil the surprise?

If nobody here is able to help, try the people at Dorkbot London.


Reply 10 years ago

Hi. Unfortunately I can't really post it to the masses as I don't want to let the cat out of the bag to everyone. If you are interested please email me and I can fill you on (address is in my post). The concept has been logged by the organisation so knowone else can submit the design however I rather a lid be kept on it. Thanks for the dorkbot tip!


Reply 10 years ago

I understand. Unfortunately, I cannot help, but I hope somebody else can.