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Desk chair with bicycle shock? Answered

Can it be done? I want the shock to be used for the tilt back mechanism. Any suggestions on how it can be accomplished?  
I want it to be suitable for up to 150kg (currently I'm at 100, and I'm trying to shed some weight.
Thank you all in advance 


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3 years ago

I came from the same weight region and can tell you a bike shock won't do it.
Although quite small they rely on the correct angle to work properly.
They don't look like much but unless you can dial yours down quite a bit the shock will be too strong.
With damaged disks I needed something that both takes the impact when not managing to come down slow enough but also something to allow for the back rest to move.
So I literally cut the shock with the mounts out of an old bike and welded it between metal seat base and bar holding the back rest while removing the unwanted bits.
Worked like a treat for a few weeks until the seat base started to crack.
Now I got a fully adjustable "office" chair with a strong spring for the back rest support.
Was only 75 bucks and won't regret spending the money for it ;)


3 years ago

Not knowing exactly what you have makes design a little difficult but something like the illustration should work.

(Click on drawing for full size.)