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Desktop Plating Machine Answered

For a Desktop plating machine, what type of container would you use, how would you pin it out and how much voltage would you need? thanks in advance, also, i know that there was another instructable written by my former self , but I know that I did not build it right.


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12 years ago

Plastic. Something plastic with a lid. One of those 5-gallon paint buckets, or one of the tubs that large quantities of pool chemicals or laundry detergent come in.
For smaller efforts, maybe a 2l soda bottle with the top cut off and inverted into the "bottom" (that's what I used for generating PCB etchant...)
Voltage and such are going to be dependent on what metal you're plating, and what chemicals you use, I think
Yahoo has a pretty active Electroplating Group that might be helpful.
I think I'd avoid the cyanide :-(


Reply 12 years ago

thanks for the help!