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Detect a touch to the threads Answered

Hello. I have a lot of threads stretched vertically. I want to detect the touch them. So that you can then play them like a guitar for example).

What is the easiest way to do it (detect touch, not to make a guitar)?

What kind of sensors could you recommend for that?


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8 years ago

I guess there are several techniques you could try depending on what kind of switch output you want or just use the switch as a trigger signal - momentary on/off, constant on/off. Note that there are programming methods to deal with the signal noise and bounce effect. You could go the capacitive sense way, use conductive thread as your hanging threads. In addition, the varying voltage across the thread could provide you with another input value. You could use a stretch sensor made for that purpose too. You could hook up your thread ends to mechanically press over a tactile switch. That would free up the choice of what material the thread is made of. You could hook up the thread ends to pressure sensors to sense a pull or push on the thread. You can even just hook the ends or along the thread with tilt switches just to sense movement. Vibration sensors. Or just use conductive thread and pass it through a metal tube at the end. The circuit is completed when the thread moves and touches the wall of the tube.

Mock up what you want to do and figure out what works. Good luck.