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Determining Distance With Math? Answered

Ok, I am only a freshman in high-school so I have know idea how to determine how high an object will travel at a given weight and size.  Does anybody know what this math is called and were I can learn it.



Best Answer 8 years ago

If you look up "kinematics" in Wikipedia, you'll get the correct answer, but the math shown is calculus, which you won't have learned yet. Your high school physics textbook will cover this stuff in detail at a more appropriate level (algebra).

It is possible to make simplifying assumptions (gravity is constant, no air resistance, etc.) and you can be "given" the necessary equations (F = ma, x = x0 + v t + a t2/2) instead of deriving them, which eliminate the need for calculus.

You might also try the Physics for Dummies book. I'm not kidding; it's quite reasonable.


Answer 8 years ago

. In most US schools, a HS Freshman is in his/her 9th year of school (high school being years 9-12) and about 15 years old.


8 years ago

You might find this useful  Your talking about ballistic curves. A lot can be established empirically - i.e. by trial and error.

Throw a weight using a constant force and see how far it goes for a given starting  angle (trajectory)

Alter the force or weight to see what difference it makes.


8 years ago

The equations you're looking for are referred to as the kinematic equations. Basic level physics courses go over those in detail.