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Determining frequency of processor And AVR O.C. ? Answered

So This question has two parts.... i need to measure the frequency of a computer processor.....and an avr microcontroller........ actually i want to know weather it is possible to connect a arduino to a pc's processor through wires or an avr through wires to a secondary system like an arduino which will measure the frequency....... and is it possible to overclock an avr ? if yes , then how can i ?


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4 years ago

+1 I guess you could use an external processor to measure the speed of another target BUT the external processor will have to be MUCH faster than the target.

As Iceng says use a scope.

Can you over clock? If the clock is externally derived then yes, will it improve things - Depends. It will certainly give you other problems associated with over clocking.

The PIC processors I generally use can be over clocked by adjusting their internal clock speed, 4 Mhz being the standard but up to 32 Mhz is possible.