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Detroit-area resources, stores, etc Answered

Hello, fellow Michiganders! *points to palm*

I recently learned about Silicon Alley Recyclers, a Warren (10 and Ryan) outfit that takes cast-off computers and stuff (mostly from corporate environments), refurbs the machines, and sells them (cheap). I've taken the opportunity to unload some of my old boat-anchors, and I've picked up some neat hardware too. Are there other similar outfits in the area?

A fun place for supplies is Arts and Scraps in Ann Arbor, which carries all sorts of industrial offcuts, recycled whatsits, and nifty thingamabobs. I don't know how else to describe it. I had a few bushels of cellphone parts to get rid of, and A&S took the keypads and cases off my hands eagerly. (They wouldn't take the PCBs, which I still need to dispose of.)

Cranbrook's art school has a directory of metal suppliers in the area, and I've personally been getting stuff from Metal Mart at 13 and Dequindre in Warren, right around the corner. They're cool with small orders, and very laid-back about shopping. After saying hi, they'll generally just ask you to go back and browse until you find what you want. There's a nice rack of scraps and pieces up near the front, which usually has all I need.

For electronics parts, ever since K40 on Van Dyke and Michigan Radio (the store, not the broadcasting service) closed I've been going to Abel Electronics in St Clair Shores, and once in a while I'll hit up RS Electronics in Livonia. I need to stop in at Galco Industrial Electronics one of these days, since they're also right around the corner. There's a new Grainger in Madison Heights on Whitcomb (13 1/2 mile) but I've never been in there.

Okay, that's my braindump for now. If you know more suppliers, please reply to this post, otherwise start a new thread so this one stays on-topic and info-dense.


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12 years ago

Myself! Greetings :)

There is also:

The Scrap Box in Ann Arbor (http://www.scrapbox.org/)
This place is similar to the Arts and Scraps business.

The Ann Arbor Reuse Center (http://www.recycleannarbor.org/reuse/reuse.htm)
The reuse center has become a regular stop for me. I've walked away with amazing deals on everything from DSS dishes to vacuums to power supplies. Best of all its on the cheap!

Habitat for Humanity ReStore (http://www.h4h.org/restore.html)

Need breakers for the electrical panel in your workshop? Need them cheap? Real cheap? This place is amazing, they have everything from toilets to ventilation hoods to electrical supplies and even tools. Wood, bricks, hardware, doors and windows. Much fun is had shopping for hidden deals here.

University of Michigan Property Disposition (http://propertydisposition.umich.edu/)

If your looking for parts, machines, boards or just an amazing learning experience, this just may be the place. Cheap computers, weird lab gear, good deals on experimenters delights. Be sure to check the hours as they are kind of weird.

ASAP Source (http://www.asapsource.com/public/index.asp)

Need metal? Just need a little bit? Like to shop for scraps? This is your place, friendly staff, awesome selection and just down the road from the Reuse center.

Though not technically in the Detroit area its still pretty close and I frequent the listed establishments quite regularly. I've also made quite a bit of money hawking some of my findings on ebay to supplement my maker-budget(tm). Have fun and keep your eyes peeled!