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Dial-up internet server Answered

Hi everyone,

I am trying to connect my Sega Dreamcast to the internet with it's 56k modem, without using telephone lines. From what I understand, I need to connect my my Dreamcast to a tone generator, then to a USB modem plugged into a laptop with which to forward the connection over wifi.

My question is: Is this is a plausible solution, and if so, could I simplify and shrink this set up. Ideally I would like to figure out if I could build a tone generator instead of buying one and how can I replace the laptop with something like a raspberry pi. I think that once I figured out how to forward the connection on my laptop, it would be fairly straightforward to do the same with a raspberry pi. I would prefer a relatively compact solution if possible.

Thanks in advance for any help or thoughts.



4 years ago

Tone generator to me will not work.

Seen ethernet modules specifically for the dreamcast on the net (i.e. ebay). Not inexpensive.

There are also rs232 adapters to ethernet also available. You probably have
to do some hacking, The Dreamcast does have a serial port. Think there is also an rs232 t wifi module also.

will also need a terminal program or browser You can get netbsd for the
dreamcast which should have all the software you need.,


4 years ago

What are you trying to accomplish here? There are free dial-up services out there that you can use to get online with the system. Trying to connect ti with your broadband service isn't going to gain you anything.


4 years ago

I don't see what you want to do with the tone generator.

Same, by the way, for the connection of a dial up modem to a laptop - it won't work.

The modem negotiates the connection with the other side so have no chance of just plug it into something and it will work.

Might be easier to run a Dreamcast emulator on the laptop ;)