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Did someone know how to make a 3d character in sketch up?? Answered

Did someone know how to make a 3d character in sketch up?? Because I want to make some draw that I did but I want to make it papercraft ,so Thats why I needed




10 years ago

Did you know that?
Sketchup can use Ruby scripts?

Here is a Ruby script that I have read can "unfold" a Sketchup model.

I believe this is a video of this plugin in action:

As for a 3d character... Do you mean a person? I suggest using Blender. It is also free. If you want a person generator try Makehuman, also free (note: clothes have not been implemented yet).

If you still want to use Sketchup with Makehuman, you will need the .obj importer if you don't have Sketchup Pro. I don't think version 1.0 alpha of Makehuman has an exporter. I know 0.9.1 RC1 does have it, but the old version is a bit less powerful, but I have imported models from this version. The old version also has posing. There is also a tutorial or a link to a tutorial out there on the Makehuman forum about how to clothe your 3d characters in Blender, but I don't know where it is. Try Google.

You will probably also need to have fewer faces than what Makehuman will generate in order to make this a papercraft. I would suggest to try the Simplify Contours plugin--it will probably work (see bottom of the page for the script).

You could also simplify things a bit by checking out the Google Sketchup 3d Warehouse (use the toolbar on Sketchup. The house with the arrow pointing down). I suggest raiding the iClone and Antics collections.

Now for some extra stuff:
Using iClone to position characters may be a possibility too... Its also possible to use Antics 3D v4. I have a link (its part of the Antics website, so I guess its legal) that will allow you to download Antics (even though it is supposedly not available anymore). Whenever you are prompted with an "iERROR PAGE", replace "www." with "oldwebsite." in the URL.

Hope that helps!

Answer 10 years ago

Actually, I just found this. Don't use simplify contours...


10 years ago

I wouldn't recommend SketchUp for characters at all. Your best bet if you are learning is to use Blender. There's a definite learning curve, but it is free and it is approaching the features of the big guns like 3DS Max and Maya.


10 years ago

Google Sketch up is mainly a building program with flat surfaces and a ball. As for creating a 3d character well it will probably by difficult but i suggest using a different program.