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Did you notice how the internet and mobile phones totally changed our culture? Answered

Go back just 20 years and on a busy shopping street you saw the poeple walking around as they do today - or did they?
I remember poeple talking to each other, standing in front of the shop windows and checking the offers.
People greeting each other or stopping for a chat.
Now all you see it zombies staring at their phone screen or texting.
Even the dreaded "self talker" with a BT earpiece seems to die out.

You like fast food don't you? ;)
But did you ever bother to waste some time watching people going through the drive through?
Back in the days they mostly tried to keep their cigarette going or the girls were busy with the make up.
Today it is almost impossibe to spot someone making it through a drive through without playing on his or her phone.

The shopping is finnished and all you want is to pay once your trolley was emptied onto the conveyor going to the register.
If it were not for the person in front of you...
On hand holds the phone to the ear, you hear the latest gossip you don't want to know anything about...
And then painfully slow one hand tries to load the trolley again and then finally tries to find a credit with still some money left on it.

My favourite are however all those people who are fully addicted to their phone and go mental if you try to tell them.
You are having a cold beer with your mate and just want to reflect about the great day fishing.
Hold on a second....
Oh, did you see this today? ....
Ok, just quickly checking FB...
Your beer is already number three while your mates beer went warm and stale.
Fair enough, was a long day...
Then you knock at his door at 3AM to take the boat or or go on a trip.
Still half asleep but the phone and all social media must be checked before even making it to the toilet...
You get the picture, hopefully not by looking in a mirror now ;)

When the "internet" started to be a thing I was already long on the wagon of "online".
And back then some big players in the game said "One day we will all be connected in real time!".
Of course everyone had a good laugh and moved on.
No chance "everyone" could afford a computer, let alone get the skills to go "online".
But look at today:
You call your provider, tell them you need internet at home and you just plug a box in and have it.
Oh, moible is prefered?
No problem, just pick the phone you fancy, add a sim card and off you go minutes later.
I remember libraries not just as a place to read books but also as a place to learn new things.
Explore the world, see other cultures...
If you could afford it you might have seen it all for yourself and in real.
Today all this is replaced by a single term:
"Google it!"

What we have today is a simple money scheme created through the totally useless "need" to be connected.
So how do you know that you are already addicted to you electronic friend and failed to realise it?
Quite simple actually and in the same way as maybe your grandparents did with your parents - if they are old enough ;)
Yes I mean the goggle box, the good old TV.
Back in the day we said that 4 hours of TV time for a teen is already quite much.
We can't escape screens for work or school needs anymore.
What we can though is ask:
How many hours per day do you spend on yo phone? The time that is not work or school related...
How much of your daily life do you organise through your phone by texting, social media or just notes, reminders and so on?
Do you complain that even the newest phone newer has enough charge for your "needs"? ;)
Do you get cramps in your hands or fingers? ;)
Or just plain simple: How long could you really be totally without mobile phone, computer and internet?
The answers you give yourself might shock you ;)

What are your thoughts on the mobile phone zombies of today?


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1 year ago

Think about how much weight people have lost, collectively, from carrying a 200 gram phone everywhere! :)


Reply 1 year ago

You mean those fitness fanatics placing their drive through order in advance because they bought a car that is too small for them? ;)


1 year ago

That people change as the world and technology does. Because somebody made it and everybody else wants it, then the whole world will change.