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Did you see a UFO or not? Answered

I could not sleep so I went for a little bike ride to get some fresh air and burn unwanted kalories.
To my surprise one really bright "star" began to move and because it was night my conclusion was a plane at low altitude or making a turn.
After a while however it looked more like this "light" is still coming towards me and if you know planes this would mean it should have crashed already - which it did not.
But it definately came closer and once almost over me I also realise it does not move in a straight line, more in a slight zick-zack movement.
Biggest surprise was the shape I could make out, definately no plane that I know of!
To me it looked like a cigar shape which was much wider in diameter on one end.
Can't say front or back as the flight patter did not incate anything like this.
Any directional changes happened without the shape changing direction, if it moved to the right than without turning - it just "slided" while the long shape kept pointing in the same direction as before.
Took about 10 pics on my phone but even after checking on the computer there is only black on a black background, not even a single star visible :(

Just to get me right here - I do believe in other planets out there having intelligent live but I do not think intelligent "creatures" from outer space would come to visit us.
The term UFO means unidentified flying object and nothing else was there that I saw - just something that makes no sense in terms of following known laws of physics flying through the night sky.
Would not even bother to write about it if any of what I saw would make sense to me.
There was no sound, which was really strange.
IMHO the craft was at an altitude between 1000 and 3000m not higher.
It also seemed the light I thought came from a plane was coming directly from the fuselage or hull and not a lamp, looked like the outer surface was glowing.
But seeing something moving quite fast over your head with no sound at all is just weird....
The zick zack movement was strange too but when the craft took off to disappear into the night it was like instand accelleration.
Within an instand the light went really bright and was gone over the horizon - never seen anything move that fast!

I know there are lots of secret military aircrafts out there, same for people playing with drones but this was much bigger, would say at least 400m long.
Even if the altitude would have been much lower in reality than what I thought it would have been huge - and totally silent.
Spent the last hour or so checking some videos on Youtube but nothing really matched what I saw.
So my question(s):
Did you ever see something moving with impossible speeds, making impossible turns or accelerating like no tomorrow in the sky?
And if so: Did it look like an oversized cigar, bigger on one end and with a "glowing body"?
Do you know of any prototype craft being the size of at least two Airbusses in lenght that can fly without making any noise at all?

I do realise what sort of "crap" I am writing here.
I also acknowledge that I don't know everything that can fly.
I do not think that I saw an UFO in terms of being "out of this world".
Yes, I know my level of insanity ;)
I do not claim to have seen or being abducted by aliens either ;)
And no, I have neither been blind drunk nor on drugs when I saw this ;)


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4 years ago

I found two more people who something too.
Was through a friend on Facebook though as I don't do social media.
The one guy does not believe in technology and simply said nothing else is possible than a blimp or hot air bollon toy, despite the speed problem and the fact that it was clearly not moving with the wind.
His best guess was a surveillance system gone out of control and the light was so the crew can follow/find it easier.
The other guy seemd more interested in technology claiming he was right under it when it passed and that my 400m estimate would not cover the real size.
He also said if it was a blimp of some sort than with an engine failure or similar causing the crew to work in the hull with lights.
But he also struggled with the speed and acceleration plus the missing noise.
Definately no position lights in red or green anywhere, no spot or search lights, just "a glowing hull".

Seems I am as informed as before now LOL
According to our local hobby airfield there is no flight corridor in this area for anything bigger than a cessna and even those are not allowed out here at night without the full navigation pack for night flight that basically noone uses as most little airfields have nothing to support night landings.
That also means noone there at night to check the radar if they even have one.
The international airport responded to my Email but only automated stating someone will get into contact with me shortly - whenever that might be.
Guess it really was an UFO as noone has a clue what it was, where it came from or where it ended up LOL


4 years ago

As a lone observer, it is ridiculously hard to make an accurate assessment of the altitude, speed and path of a flying object at night. Your 400m long vehicle could easily have been a ten-foot balloon at tree-top height. Check local airports for reports - no stealth technology can hide a 400m long object from radar at only 3000m altitude.

My take: if you are going to spend centuries flying to another world, why would you then spend decades using brightly-lit ice cream cones to buzz lone folk at night?

If you were being covert, you would use something less flashy. On the journey over, you would have had plenty of time to receive and decode our transmissions, and make copies of common vehicles to sneak around in. Or you would use something small & stealthy, like a drone (who'd notice one extra?).

On the other hand, if you weren't being stealthy, you'd have made contact in some wildly public manner.

In other words, although I firmly believe that alien life almost certainly exists, I have no reason to even suspect that it has visited this planet within recorded history.


Reply 4 years ago

there is no real reason why space aliens would actually have to travel in person to visit other planets, other than space tourism.

We got so much junk up in space flying (or falling) around that I would not be surprised if the next "Independence day" movie is about a intergalactic lawsuit from some of our space trash colliding with their expensive space rv.


Reply 4 years ago

I like that one!!!