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Diesel/petrol mix in old engine? Answered

I can't seem to respond to messages on answers? Help admin?  ​thanks cyber for you comprehensive answers. I have since put in hi octane fuel as my car started running bad and then stopped due to, I believe, the diesel sitting in the bottom of the tank and now being the majority fuel source. The hi octane fuel got me going but only at idle speed, no acceleration. I got home. It's like it floods when I try to accelerate from un burnt diesel. According to your post above, hi octane fuel makes it worse. I will drain and leve for lawn mower, which works well. That bring me to another possible use. An old engine,carby with not cat converter and 10percent diesel? Yeah I know, give it up. I guess what I would really be happy with is, what can I use a diesel/ petrol mix fuel for?


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