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Differences of Tcs3200 and tcs34725 colour sensors? Answered

I wanna buy some cheap colour sensor, but i dony know the differences of any colour sensors, which one is better And some pros and cons about this two colour sensors? (Tcs3200, tcs34725) ? Thanks


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1 year ago

IMHO it comes down to what you need them to do and how you need to read or analyse the data provided.
For a bare sensor like you describe you face several problems along the way.
For starters suitable optics.
Then of course the calibration.
Even if the datsheet or other sources might provide the default data for the sensor you still need to calibrate it to the actual working enviromentand hardware you use.
Last but not least the required accuracy and intended use.
Calibrating a monitor or TV screen it totally different from getting accurate color reading from something like paint on your wall.

Might I suggest to start the other way around!?
I assume you want to keep things quite simple, maybe some robot application with an Arduino.
Anyway, you will need to find suitable ways to deal with the data the sensor supplies.
If you, for example, type "colour sensor arduino" into a search engine you find several tutorials on how to utilise various color sensor with an Arduino.
The beauty here is that you get references to sensors or even complete modules that are designed for the Arduino.
With that comes that usually libraries, if required will be available - and those can make life so much easier if you need them and actually have them available.
The extra mony for a ready-to-go sensor option is compensated by the ease of use and connectiong it to your Arduino.
And whatever extra components might be required to get a bare sensor working with with an Arduino is already included and tested.