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Differentiate different rats by size in tunnel. Answered

Hey guys,
I need some help.

Is there any way to measure the different size - length or volume of rats as accurate as possible?

I have an idea to put 2 ultrasonic sensor (in the beginning and in the end of the tunnel) so it will be able to measure the length and calculate the size.
Or is it possible to do it with volumetric sensor or something else?




1 day ago

Hey again,
Sry for replying you guys back a bit late.
the tubes are see through (plastic)
I already got the sensors (2 ultrasonic + load cell). I am starting to build my prototype with the 2 ultrasonic sensors (will test if I will be able to measure the length) and as well I will use a load cell for the weight. Will run couple of tests and see if its possible to differentiate 2 rats with similar length and weight.
Thank you all for the replies.

PS: the idea is to count how many rats are passing through the tunnel and make sure I am not counting the same rat all over again (in case it goes out and comes back again).

Jack A Lopez

6 days ago

Are the tubes see-through?

The reason I ask, is because if you had a video camera looking down on your rat tunnels, then you could use image processing for to measure the area of your rats, as seen from above.

That is, assuming the software you come up with, can correctly identify which shapes are rats. If you can use machine vision to see and identify the rats, then from there measuring the area of those shapes, is straightforward.


6 days ago

Measuring weight might be the easiest thing to do. Then, things like volume could be extrapolated.


6 days ago

Weight? That would just require putting a little platform or maybe a smaller tube within the tunnel with a load cell underneath. A quick search on ebay finds HX711 load cell interface boards and 10 kg load cells for under $5 total.
I don't think visual (or ultrasound) measurements would be as useful, since rats are very flexible and stretchy.