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Digg.com founder validates veracity of Instructables Answered

There is a web show called Diggnation. (You can also download it through Tivo). The show is two guys sitting on a couch, with laptops, talking about highly rated articles on Digg.com. The guys are Kevin Rose: founder of Digg, and Alex Albrecht: Kevin's co-host on "Screensavers" which ran on the defunct TechTV Network. They are both funny guys, talk freely - usually with the help of a few beers - and just have a lot of fun talking about these strange, cool, or funny articles.

Warning: It is a web show so if you go there, realize you may hear the f-word and some topics are risquè.

On Episode 234: "Why Your Mom Should Not Watch Diggnation" one story was "Best Man Rigs Newlyweds’ Bed To Tweet During Sex". At one point they question the veracity of the man's claim saying they think he may have just wrote the tweets, and not actually rigged the bed to send tweets.

This portion starts around 41:00

Kevin: (maybe it is) "just writing, unless he is ultra geeky. Who is going to devise a pressure plate with the power to send out ..."
Alex: "He based it on an article. He said 'Before I go any further I should say 90% (of the tech is ripped from http://bit.ly/kvALJ) ...' "
Alex clicks on link
Kevin: "Oh it's an Instructables article. Done. I believe it. "
Alex: "The
Twittering Office Chair"

It was cool that he immediately believed it was real after finding out the tech came from Instructables.


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11 years ago

Despite the poor-quality stuff, you can be sure that anything good around here is real. The peer-review does kick-in, although some blogs will pick up any old ca-ca without reading it...