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Digital Camera with ISO, shutter speed & aperture settings Answered

Hi, i would like to make a very flat digital camera with the possibility to change the 3 principals settings : ISO, shutter speed and aperture.
I would like to change those settings with a potentiometer so by rotation or with a sliding linear spot.
First question of i use a a mobile/iPhone camera  is it possible to adjust those 3 settings electronically ?
If yes what do i need to make one ?

Thank you.



3 years ago

I never realy understood why there is an ISO setting on a digital camera, its not like you can replace the CCD with a different type to make it more or less sensitive to light. I can only think that it artificially introduces noise to the image to make it look like a film camera. Bit of marketing hype maybe. Could also be Im old and grumpy looking at all my old film SLRs that don't get used any more....


3 years ago

The Android camera documentation tells me you can control the aperture (if the device you are using has one), shutter speed and ISO when an app takes a picture. If you wanted to be able to control these things you'd need to write an app which uses those parameters and makes a camera request to take a picture.

To use potentiometers you'd need a hardware device that can read those potentiometers - something like the Android Dev Kit:which would communicate those values to the app running on the phone which would then use them to make the camera request.