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Digital Sewing Patterns? Answered

Hello! I have an idea for a Halloween costume that involves using a service like Spoonflower to create custom fabric to make into a suit. However the design isn't just an all-over design that I can just lay the sewing pattern over and cut out, but instead relies on me being able to make a custom design specifically for each piece of the suit pattern. Basically, I want to do something along these lines, only for something larger like a man's suit.

I'm trying to find a digital sewing pattern or template that I could open in Photoshop so I could design each piece of the pattern the way I want it, but either I'm really bad at searching for stuff on the internet, or this sorta stuff is super rare/doesn't exist. I could buy a pattern for the sort of suit I'm looking for, but I'm not sure how I would be able to scan or otherwise transfer that pattern into the computer in an accurate way. I'm afraid I will scan the pieces in poorly and end up with an unusable pattern by the time I'm done.

So I suppose my question is: Does anybody know if there are any patterns available in a digital format somewhere online either for free or for purchase? And failing that, does anybody know a reliable way of digitizing a pattern that will insure that the measurements won't be screwed up in the process?



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10 years ago

http://crafts-sewing.hsn.com/the-golden-rule-pattern-making-xl-and-xxl-edition_p-3632660_xp.aspx this is a tool for drafting your own patterns (not on computer, because of the paper-size limit previous commentors noted) and it doesn't tell you how to sew everything together, but I've got one and it is great for making your own well-fit patterns. Maybe you could find one on ebay or craigslist.


11 years ago

I'm not sure exactly what your asking for - is it a normal suit pattern, but in digital format?

If so, did you see my previous question?


Your out of luck I think - there is no market for digital patterns like there is for paper ones.

Your best bet is to do what I did - buy a second hand pattern on eBay or your favourite second hand trading site. It'd be hard to scan them in - you'd need a very large scanner bed - perhaps even A0. These do exist - you may be able to pay your local print shop or architectural firm to scan them for you.

Tell us more about your project!


Reply 11 years ago

The problem is, sewing patterns need to be cut out and pinned to the fabric, then cut around.

There are loads of "free" sewing patterns available on the net, but they all require tens of pages of A4 to be printed out and accurately stuck together, then cut out.  It's a lot easier to buy the pattern ready-printed onto a single sheet of paper.