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Digital products ? Answered

How would you price digital products? I make digital planners that look and work like paper, but used on a tablet and/or phone. The initial creation (like a basic yearly daily planner) can take up to 48 working hours to make. After that, different variations (teacher/student, small business, etc.) planner can take around 2-3 hours to make. No materials, shipping costs or anything like that is involved unless I want to purchase stock images, which I normally don't. The average others are selling for is between $10 and $25 so paying myself per hour per product doesn't quite make sense to me. What do you think?



Best Answer 5 weeks ago

I ran into this when I started selling patterns! I ended up going with $5 because I knew I wouldn't have to do much work once they were created.

Maybe you could sell a basic planner for $15 and allow customizations for extra money? Etsy makes it very easy to add customizable options and price points to listings.

You can always adjust the price once you see how things sell - I know I've changed my prices a ton of times over the years!