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Dir-300 as Wifi repeater Answered

I have an AP in my house which broadcasts our wireless Internet signal throughout our house. Unfortunately there is a spot in my house where the signal is not received. I have a spare dlink dir-300 router which I installed custom firmware on (dd wrt). Can someone please help me use it as a wireless repeater. I want it to boost the signal of my other router. Dd wrt has a repeater function, but my router is an atheros chipset so it is not native on my device.
P.s: I don't really want some cheap wifi booster made of tinfoil :p .
Thanks in advance,


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3 years ago

I had similar problems in my old place with the router supplied by my ISP.
Great signal everywhere within 15m of the router, above that it was just terrible.
Did some digging at the time to find a really reliable and long reaching router to setup for the WiFi part only - so not as a repeater.
The TPLINK W8960n was my choice.
Dirt cheap as already considered to be "outdated" so I had nothing to loose.
After connecting it to the supplied router and the initial setup I was able to get a 100% WiFi signal o the entire property!
So not only inside the house but also inside he steel garage and about 200m down the road in both directions.
Personally I think it is better than a repeater.