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Disappointment Answered

Well,  this is a big disappointment.  I'm looking for instructions for the 6ft ferris wheel and was directed to this site twice.  Since we already own the Big Ball Factory, Trampoline Tower, Roller Coaster, Pinball Machine and various others, we have bins of Knex.  I'm sure we have enough pieces to build the 6ft Ferris Wheel.

Unfortunately, I must join this site to get instructions, however, they allow me to download my own instructions for free.  How kind..  I can give them my instructions, but would have to purchase them back.

My son is 20 and still looks forward to doing a "big build"  - either legos or knex over the Christmas hoilday.  It's been a tradition.  Last year it was the Lego Tower Bridge.  This year I was hoping to do Knex...


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8 years ago

I'm confused. The only time you need a paid membership is if you want to acquire a specially-formatted PDF version of an Insructable.
You can always access and print the Web-based instructions (your own or anyone else's) for free.

I have noticed that, generally, the instructions for K'nex builds are not very well written, nor well designed for printing. That applies to the PDF formatted as well as the Web-based versions. This isn't a fault of the site, but of the many individual authors.


Reply 8 years ago


You do not need to join the site to get the instructions, just to be able to contribute. You only need to pay to be able to download PDFs and ebooks.

For specific issues about the Ferris Wheel instructions, I suggest you leave comments on one of the relevant instructables [click here], or send a PM to one of those authors.