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Discovery channel show, hacking electricity? Answered

There used to be  a show on Discovery channel (I think it was discovery) where a guy would "hack" things.   In one show he hacked electricity and showed how he put a coil and some magnets on a bicycle to power a GPS unit.  I have tried to find information on this show but can't seem to find it.  It's as if the show never existed.  

I am pretty sure I saw the episode within the last 3 years.  Does anyone know what this show was called and/or know of any video links to this particular (hacking electricity) episode?



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Reply 11 years ago

 I found it.  It was actually on the History Channel.  Hacking History with Bre Pettis.   He rebuilds inventions from the past.   I was positive it was on Discovery, lol.  Sorry