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Disposable camera flash and a EL sheet or wire - Will this work? Answered

If we replace the capacitor of a disposable flash with a EL sheet or wire, will it glow?

(this is since EL wires can be hooked up straight to the main voltage, which tend to use over 200volts. A camera flash that uses a capacitor that charges at a high enough voltage might be good enough for powering a EL sheet.)

anybody willing to give this a shot?




7 years ago

hmmm actually i think it will.
Sorry kiteman but i think your wrong.
i had the terminals from the desoldered
capacitor connected to my oscilloscope
it's a DC source but it's oscillating at
close to 2khz, in the audible
range. it's worth a shot, make your own
EL wire and test it. I'm also fairly certain
those little circuits put out 310~330 volts.
split the voltage and go for it.


9 years ago

I don't think so - every EL product I have seen requires a power converter of some sort to turn the battery DC / mains 240VAC / mains 110VAC into a very high voltage with quite a high frequency of oscillation.