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Distance a 12g CO2 cartridge can launch a...? Answered

What would you say the maximum distance a 12g CO2 cartridge could launch a ~12oz cylinder? The cylinder can be adjusted be top/bottom heavy or have its weight increased all around.

The design of the barrel would (VERY) roughly look like the image at the bottom.  The cartridge would be in a housing unit at the butt of the launcher.  It would be set it off in a to-be-determined way, shooting out the cylinder(2 2/5inch diameter, 8 inches long, ~12 oz) that would be resting in front of it.


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10 years ago

a 12 gram co2 cartridge is pressureized to about 900psi (whatever pressure gets liquid at a given temperature)...ideal gas law can calculate the energy...rather than do the calculation I'll steal wikipedias general info...

air, slightly different mass has 40-100kJ/kg (say 75 for the sake of it) of stored energy.  12 grams thus would be 75kJ * 12/1000 = 0.9kJ (900J) of energy.

If you could extract that energy from the gas 'instantly' and 100% efficiently convert it to kinetic energy, you'd assume Ep = Ek.  Ep = 900 Joules.  Ek = 1/2 M*V^2.  Cartridge is 56 grams full, thus 44 grams empty. 
900J = 1/2 0.044*V^2
1800/0.044 = V^2
40909 = V^2
V = root(40909)
V = 202 m/s = 662 fps = 727km/hr = 451 mph.

Thats of course assuming absolute ideals, and real world would be a LOT less than that. 
How far you could shoot something going that speed at that weight would again be a nontrivial calculation...
if you extracted that energy in even 10% efficiency, thats a brutally dangerous projectile capable of travelling a LONG way.



10 years ago

What diameter on the ~12 oz cylinder, what barrel length?