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Divoom MicroPixels RGB+W Matrix Board ... HELP!? Answered

Divoom MicroPixels RGB+W Matrix Board ... HELP!

A while ago I ordered a 8x8 WS2812B RGB matrix, and to make a long story short the matrix
I was sent was not what I ordered, but Is very nice, I kinda like it!

It appears to be high quality, the soldering is flawless & the chip & led placement is
perfect, and it included a grid bezels &  tinted cover

I am perplexed in a way I have worked with hundreds of adafruits & neopixels & RGB leds
but I dont remember ever seeing these, not a 100bit layout with 25mm RGB leds, these are
basically 1/2 size of the standard RGB 50mm leds
-photos attached-

I was able to get a test animation and it seemed to run quick, it looked about as bright
& colorful as Neopixels but smaller, the squares are very defined with the tinted cover/diffuser

I have no idea what technology this is using, I was able to find the developer "Divoom" but they indicated this product is not open source so they cannot help me via the support pages!

Anwyas outside of them I cant find anyone or anything documentation about these board, im very curious about getting it working, ive made a few clocks & this might complement a neopixel ring
if I can start addressing these!

does anyone have experience with this led/ic setup? or know what the official driver is?


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4 years ago

well that was really polite, thanks I think...

Im not superfamilar with chips yet, I have tried a few times with older recievers & never really had much success that route.

I did study the data sheet, took some notes & charted the input pins & specs and got it hooked up but still I unable to write a specific x,y location for example.

This is my first matrix & first time using the TM1640 library, all the code I have found, even the examples are for digit displays, not a matrix, and expecially not a 10x10, I been trying 8x8 dot matrix but with no success.

I dont how can I address this matrix properly, all I can do is ask help hopefully someone will have an idea I can work from to write the pixels I want on&off

anyone have an idea?


4 years ago

You don't need the board spec, you need the chip spec.

I took about 10 seconds to Google the TM1640.



Answer 4 years ago