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Diy BrainPort device Answered

These brainport things look cool. Basically they use your highly-sensitive tounge nerves to feed data into your brain. Totally safe and non-invasive, they can even allow blind people to see, which is, of course, amazing.


I'd like one for fiddling with (eg, monitorless computer? what kind of other data can you feed into your brain? Other stuff??) But since the gizmos are like ten grand apiece... not likely!

Then again, its just an array of contacts that deliver 5-20v at low amps so how hard could it be? Thoughts? Links? Circuit ideas?


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2 years ago

I highly doubt that if you are not blind yourself then you won't be able to do it.
You need a far higher control over your senses and if you have all of them working fine you are basically lost.
Try reading Braille with your fingertips first.
Once you are fluent you might have a chance to "see" with your tongue.
Be aware though that you only "see" a few pixels.....