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Diy Intercom/Two-way with Arduino Answered

Hallo Everybody,

Hopefully I am posting this at the right place!?

I dont have alot of experience wih arduino, so thats why I am asking here and I hope that someone can help!?

The Scenario : My Parents in Law have a very old and very load campervan. They bought themselves each headphones/Headsets with active voice reduction wich helps alot with the noise in the Van but they cant communicate with each other.... The headphones came with a cable sothat you can connect it to a mobile phone with speech function.(Like a Headset for Skype..)

Now my quiestion : Is it possible to connect the 2 Headphones/Headsets to something that is mounted stationary (<12V)  in the campervan sothat they can also use the speech function on the cable/Headset to communicate? Would it be able to do with arduino? How?

I would appreciate any information!

Thank You
Ps. Hope my english isint too bad....


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5 years ago

Assuming the cables are analog (not usb), it should be way easier to connect the headphones to a pair of analog amplifiers. Simple chip amps should work fine here.

You might even search for "intercom circuits" or "headphone amps" on the webs...