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Diy kinda mCable/HD elite cable Answered

Hello, I would like to make my own mCable / HDElite cable. Basically I don't care about getting a cable, but I wanna find out how to grab a source, apply a "filter" to it and send it to the tv/monitor. I don't want to try a capture card, if they can make a cable, I'm sure we can do something cool. I was searching on raspberry pi, but there's too much lag with a capture card. Any help/clue ? Thanks!


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1 year ago

When converting from one standard to another you always need additional hardware, just a cable with the right pins won't do it.
Video comes with a lot of data that requires processing, lag is a result of this processing happening not in real time.
Real time however is only possible if the hardware involved is fast and powerful enough and even then there will still be a minute lag.