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D.i.y. (plastic) nuts (for any kind of thread) Answered

for emergencies or simple application:
how to make your own nuts out of (p.e.t.)-plastic bottles:

take a bottle (#1 plastic, preferably smooth, w/o imprinted patterns or design etc) > cut off bottom and neck > start cutting (scissors) > the resulting ´tube´ into a consistent (width, depending on desired usage), slightly diagonally, thus sort of ´peeling´ it > wrap the strip around the screw/threaded-part/etc you need the nut for twice (for a start) > ´melt´ the edges of the wrapped part = joining them (i use a little solder-iron) > this way the wrapped beginning of the strip wont come loose > ´brush´ with the solder-iron (or whatever other source of heat) over the wrapped part (w/o) burning holes in it > this causes the plastic to shrink and press down into the thread and adopt its shape > once set keep doing more wraps of the rest of the strip until you reach a desired diameter > now, again, join the edges of the wrap with heat, and afterwards brush again over the outside of the created ´nut´, so that the plastic shrinks down & compacts > after having cooled off: unscrew the ´nut´ with pliers > ready for use

ps this is just a simple sketch. got no camera to take photos. sorry. so, please, ask whatever if you got any question. and any kind of feedback is more than welcome. bowing.



22 days ago

Sounds possible. A lot of plastics will shrink when heated. Perhaps heat the finished product with a heat gun or heat the bolt with a blow torch to get a better imprint of the thread.

la xerrarickharris

Reply 22 days ago

_a, havent played around with all plastic ## yet, but p.e.t (#1) works/shrinks like a charme
_b, ahhh, yes, sweet: a blow-torch would be a nice toy around to create all kind of havoc (but am living a very simple life/death here). but, yes, heating up the threaded part does help. before starting to use a solder-iron (faster, cleaner) i actually ´baked´ nuts in my little woodburner here (did wrap some string the farmers around here use to pack hay around the thread and heated it up in the stove - compacts/melts beautifully)



26 days ago

If you do just a copy and paste job then it would be nice to correct the foramtting as Instructables does not do this properly.