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Dmm model no. MAS830L not accurate Answered

I bought multi meter on line recently. But it I think cannot measure electronic component accurately. Specification as below 1.model no. MAS830L 2.Brand.MASTECH I measure new battery of 9 V with thus multi meter. But reading is 10.76 V which not correct. So what can I do with this dmm.? 0r how can we calibrate it.


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1 year ago

A good multimeter I use as a sparky sets you back between 140 and 400 bucks, depending on the features, durability and speed.
You got a noname device that exists in endless amounts of rebrands - all in the range of 10 to 40 bucks.

Now consider a user with some lack of understanding of how these devices work and how to measure a battery and the chaos is complete ;)
No offence!
A 9V battery, if fresh and new, can have a no load voltage as high as 11.2V.
As this is the extreme anything between 9.5 and 10.5 is prefectly fine.
If you want to check how accurate your multimeter is then you need a well calibrated voltage source for starters - no use trying to this with two unknown variables.
A simple voltage regulator for 5V, with the corresponding circuit, will produce an output voltage between 4.95 and 5.15V.
The precision types get 5V +- 0.05V
Check the actual quality of the shown numbers by reading up on the specs for the multimeter.
How much tolerance for the display value, how much tolerance for measured value - combined you get by how much your multimeter can be off the target.

And I have not seen any $20 multimeter yet that has any usable calibration functions....