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Do Tritton AX PROS still have surround when plugged into analog(on Xbox 360)? Answered

I've been looking into buying a better pair of headphones to replace my dying X11s, and came across the Tritton AX PROS(the ones for consoles, not the cheaper PC/Mac only ones). Dad and I went over all the stuff today, and we've run into a problem: The only open ports on my Xbox 360 HDMI dongle are analog. Before you say "well, just unplug the optical," those optical cables are FRAGILE. Like, you bump 'em the wrong way or plug in/take out the wrong way, you've got a broken cable. And I can't afford to do that sort of thing, because if it breaks, then Rock Band(which I play through our surround sound system) is pretty much done for. I was wondering if you can do surround sound through the analog(I know you normally can't), because of the little box thing it comes with. Best answer gets a cookie and subscription. Also, I don't want speculation, I want fact.
BTW, links-
Tritton Technologies- AX PRO 5.1 Surround-http://www.trittontechnologies.com/index.php/products/gaming_audio_technology/ax-pro/
Amazon.com link-http://www.amazon.com/Tritton-Digital-Precision-Gaming-Headset-Pc/dp/B0017IUFAE