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Do actual holograms that pop out and seem like a transparent object exist? Answered

I've heard in some places that they do, but other places say they don't exist.


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Answer 10 years ago

you can easily do the exact same thing as in that game (hologram time traveler is its name) i always wanted the machine and gut it out and use it to watch tv. basiclay you need those hologram prism dome toys, cardboard, black paint and duct tape, clear plastic or glass for the top, and a ipod touch. in theory you basicaly take half of the concave mirror from the toy cut it cause all you need is half. make a basic dome and box for the whole set up with the glass on the top (that where the image projects up to and the movie or game or whatever should be showing as if walkign on top of the glass. basicaly you use the tape and or paint to make sure there isnt any light causing the effect not to work as well. also helps if the ipod shows it upside down... i havent done it yet cause i dont have that mirror but im gonna try it ouf and make the cardboard frame look like a mini version of the game set... but im hoping it will work


11 years ago

Assuming you really mean hologram:

Popping out? Yes. By controlling the optics (and thus the interference patterns from which a hologram is reconstructed), you can create 3d images that appear to be behind the surface of the hologram film, in front of it, or crossing through it. I have a small hologram magnet on my fridge which produces an image that appears to extend through its surface. But since what you're realy seeing is two different flat images at the hologram's surface, the floating portion has to be in front of the hologram -- if you move too far to the side, part of it gets cut off.

Basically, the choices are just like those of a 3D movie. They can put the effects in front of the screen or behind it, in eactly the same way. But the image is always a matter of your two eyes both looking at the screen and seeing different views; there's no way to move the image beyond the edges of the screen.

This should also answer your question about transparency. If you make a hologram of a transparent object, you can see what was behind it when the hologram was made. I've never seen one which managed to make the hologram film itself transparent, and I'm not convinced it's possible with current technology.

There are other 3D image technologies, of course, all of which have their own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on what you want, one of them might come closer.

But if you're looking for R2's ability to project a 3D image at some distance, visible from all angles... no, that doesn't exist and probably isn't going to until long after someone invents force fields of a kind which is also impossible under current scientific theory. Sorry...