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Do all Arduino boards use the same language? Answered

I am working on a robot that recommends an Arduino board as the microcontroller. The author used a Mini, and they have the program displayed. If I use another board, like a Nano, would the program "language" be the same?




Best Answer 10 years ago

They all use the same Arduino language, but that code is compiled into object code before it's loaded into the Arduino. It's not the native language of the AVR microprocessor.

Since several different AVRs can be used, the object code will be somewhat different for each AVR.

However, unless the program is very large, it's unlikely that the Arduino language code will be different. Just don't try to upload object code compiled for one AVR into a different AVR (for instance, from an AVR with more memory into one with less.)

Another example-- some AVRs have different size EEPROM areas (different from the Flash mem) for storage. The ATmega168 (MINI Arduino) has a 512 byte EEPROM, but the ATmega1280 (MEGA Arduino) has 4K. This can certainly effect program operation if the EEPROM library is used.


9 years ago

 arduino is the name of the IDE, which loads the one and only arduino language onto arduino boards.  Although different boards have different capacity as far as memory, EEPROM, RAM and I/O go, they all use the same language. If you are using a non offical board, yuo may have to change the code to reflect different pins for analog in/PWM out.


10 years ago

Yes, the ATMega chip is identical between both boards and therefore speaks the same language... however the hardware that is available will be different.