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Do anyone have any information on growing and processing algae at home for bio fuel?? Answered

I have  been researching online  ways to  produce  bio fuel from algae at home. I have found  numerous ideas and was  wondering   if anyone has  tried to actual   put  it to work? I have been looking at what scale a person would need to produce 75 Gallon a month . I have seen   several calculations but they  vary a great  deal.  



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8 years ago

From wikipedia.

The per unit area yield of oil from algae is estimated to be from between 1,000 to 6,500 US gallons per acre per year.

.....and scaling, and adding the fact you'll need to do a LOT of research, then an acre seems to be a reasonable target.


Answer 8 years ago


There is a cool video out there of a company being set up in the states -- building greenhouses with closed loop water systems in transparent tubes pumped around somewhere like the Mojave desert. Ultra dry doesn't matter in closed loop.

The HARD part is genetically engineering the right algae and keeping other algae out of the system. Some breeds have higher lipids (fats) that make for good biodiesel. Others make lots of sugars that can be fermented into ethanol.

The last clever bit is partnering with something like a power plant or other fossil fuel burner - to directly capture their CO2 for free concentrated carbon input.