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Do i need a license for hunting frogs with a compound bow and if not a good place to use it round roanoke VA?not 16 yet Answered

Asking my mom for a Compound bow this year



Best Answer 10 years ago

Check your local laws. In some municipalities, crossbows have been classified as firearms and require the same kind of licensing. Others are more relaxed about them. You certainly need to be VERY aware of what might be behind whatever you're shooting at, no matter what you're shooting with. Even a light bow can be dangerous if misused. Personal opinion: Compound bows are impressively accurate, but a bow with "training wheels" -- the compound mechanism, stabilizers, sights and a mechanical release -- barely qualifies as archery. I find traditional archery (recurve, which is what I shoot, or longbow, or horsebow) much more interesting. Matter of taste, admittedly.


9 years ago

Sounds like a great way for you to contribute to the family budget by bringing food home ,  you might want to clean them  first and just bring home the legs to your mom.  You can use the rest of the frog for fish bait or feed it to your dog (or chickens of you have any), or bury them under your moms rose bushes  they will be good fertilizer.

In my state any many others harvesting amphibians (frogs) falls under the fishing regulations and a fishing license is required.  If bow hunting is a legal means to harvest  fish in your state,  and if you are not old enough to be required to purchase a fishing license you should be ok,  keep in mind though that many citys have an ordinances against using Bows, air guns and sling shots in city limits regardless of game laws.  The maintenance man at an apartment complex I use to live in was harvesting carp with a compound bow in the city of Denver Colorado,  one time a cop came by and told him not to (in a city park)  but there was no fine or even anything wrote down on his record,  he just quit fishing at that particular park.

So if Bow  fishing is legal in your area,  if it is legal for you to fish in the area and you are not in a town that restricts shooting a bow in town, you should be fine ( as long as you don't shoot your self in the foot)

Grab a copy of your states fishing regulations,  should be free at the ammo section at walmart,  or you can get one at gas stations that sells fishing licenses,  should also be available for free at your states department of labor website.  In my state their is no limit to the amout of frogs you can harvest some states will have a daily bag limet to insure a healthy population.