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Do plants use less water in absence of soil? Answered

I know this isn't a DIY project-type question, but I found it interesting to notice that a coleus clipping I planted in a water bottle with nothing but water in it tends to use less water then plants usually seem to do when they are planted with soil (I've had it planted since mid/late-June or earlier and the water has barely gone down, and some of that missing water would've been from evaporation). I'm guessing that it is using the same amount of water, but it seems like it uses less because plants with soil drain and spread out the water through the ground, making it necessary to water the plants more often than if you plant them in nothing but water, because most of the water drains away from the plant and into the surrounding area instead of being kept confined into a bottle/vase with the plant. Is this correct or do plants just use less water in the absence of soil? 



Best Answer 7 years ago

No - demand is associated with transpiration and the plants growth needs. - and season. Source of water is irrelevant.

Much water poured into soil or compost passes directly through to bottom of the pot/floor


Answer 7 years ago

That's what I thought, thanks for answering.