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Do some spiders leave a scent trail ? Answered

 I didn't think so but a colleague told me of his recent experience; He was in the living room watching TV and a huge spider came in along the floor.
He is scared of spiders and sat there transfixed. He said it was the biggest spider that  he had ever seen. 
He and his partner squashed it, ( stupid humans), and threw it in the bin.

The next day he was in the same place and a big, (but not as big ), spider came along and did the exact same route through the room.

He said that it was a very unusual route to take but he knew that it was identical because he had studied both of them with absolute fear-based attention.

So apart from making him feel guilty about killing the first one he wondered if spiders leave a scent.

I can't find any answer on google so I'm asking anyone who may have knowledge of spiders?

Thank you.

I can't seem to find a suitable channel so I've chosen camping in the hope that some outdoor type will know.



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Best Answer 10 years ago

According to this article, some do.  Here's the pertinent clip:

The female spider would have arrived first and the much smaller male would have arrived later after following a scent trail of pheromones. He avoids her by staying in corner out of here way and will only mate with her while she is occupied with feeding.

This also suggests a reason why the second spider was smaller.


Answer 10 years ago

Perfect answer.

Thank you.