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Do something w/ MacBook Air w/ broken display? Answered

I am new to this site and I've found a lot of the ideas and guides very interesting.

i have a late 2010 MacBook Air with a broken display. The most anyone has offered me for it is $100.
After visiting this site I was wondering if there could be any possible uses for it? It works with external monitor.

Any ideas? I'm supposed to meet someone later today to sell it to but am now having second thoughts thanks to this (and a similar site)

here it is



6 years ago

How hard is it to replace the display?


6 years ago

$100? the logic board alone is worth about $200.

if it works with an external monitor you can take the logic board out, the fans, memory and hard drive and any other goodies and turn it into a mac mini. Just put everything into a small enclosure. add a usb hub and hook up a usb keyboard or bluetooth.


Reply 6 years ago

That sounds much better than selling it! And a learning experience too!! Thank you for mentioning this!

I don't have experience tinkering with macs (just pc's). Is there anywhere you could point me to learn a little and plan this out? :)


Reply 6 years ago

(I'd rather keep parts working like a mini)